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Amazing games made by 1 person

It's an astonishing achievement to make a full game by yourself. Sure, in most games listed some other people were involved, be it music, testing or porting to other platforms, but that doesn't take away from the fact that one person sat down and worked hard for however long it took to make an awesome game. This list is here to celebrate those people's talent and dedication and hopefully get more people to play the games they cared so much to create.
January 2023

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Games that will rock your world

There are just good games out there, and there are games that provide a one-of-a-kind experience. Not all of them flawless masterpieces, but all of these will haunt your thoughts or make fond memories
January 2023

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Turn Your Brain Off And Still Feel Accomplished

games that are great for relaxing but still make you feel like you're doing something
December 2022

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Image of Khaliid's "Perfect" games
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Khaliid's "Perfect" games

These are titles that I have played multiple times and are without fault. In my opinion of course!
November 2022

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Image of The good good games.
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The good good games.

The games I would play and play again and again.
October 2022

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Overrated Systemic Games

Games that are created such that all their individual systems can reach out and influence one another and not are well known
August 2022

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Image of Best Games of All Time
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Best Games of All Time

These are the best games of all time that I have played so if you don’t see a game you think should be on here then recommend me some
June 2022

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Games for people who like dark and smart things.

Video games that have mature, dark and interesting themes and follow a overall serious, somber and intellectual tone, even if just slightly so.
June 2022

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