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Bury Your Gays: Queer Horror

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Queerness and queer horror — which is to say horror that is about or aestheticizes queerness, otherness, sexual deviancy, as experience, metaphor, dream, and nightmare — are embedded in the history of the genre, from Bram Stoker’s novel Dracula to James Whale’s 1935 film The Bride of Frankenstein. From a masked killers (one of which uses a dildo knife) to genderqueer dolls, the films selected for this program elaborate upon and extrapolate from queerness not merely as identity but as aesthetic impulse, rooted in subversion, confrontation, camp, an understanding of queerness as a tool to challenge, or deconstruct, normative ideas in art and society. Drenched in blood, paranoia, and forbidden desire, horror is queer down to the bone.
While George Langelaan’s original 1957 short story, and its 1958 film adaptation of the same name, comfortably fit within a cinema of Cold War paranoia along with its cousin Invasion of the Body Snatchers, it was hard to ignore David Cronenberg’s update of scientific hubris gone wrong being a reaction to and an allegory of the AIDS crisis with its 1986 release. Goldblum’s transformation into a human/fly hybrid is laced with melancholy, Cronenberg’s acumen for understanding the physicality of the body (and its disintegration), and its limits, and melding that with both emotion and intelligence at its peak.

Glitchcraft: Self-Reflexive Horror, Genre, and Technology

Bury Your Gays: Queer Horror

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