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Video games that overall have mature, dark and interesting themes and follow a overall serious, somber and intellectual tone, even if just slightly so.
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People who like Bioshock (Game)

JayBoo @jimaboo
User image: Emil Örn Emilsson
Emil Örn Emilsson @emmilitli
Not Important @daniel-andersen
User image: Frank Donnadio
Frank Donnadio @FrankTheTankDonnadio
Alei Kraznokov @aksikehem
User image: Michael Miller
Michael Miller @llcoulier78
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Sean O'Brien @seanobrien
User image: Butterbrot
Butterbrot @butterbrot
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djthiago1 @thiagonavesbenassi
User image: Ilyes Nkk
Ilyes Nkk @ilyesnkk
Alex Fulcrum @alexfulcrum1
User image: Holly
Holly @ylloh

People who dislike Bioshock (Game)

gerrotu @gvisscher
User image: Christopher Swift
Christopher Swift @weareswift
User image: Pablo Aleixandre
Pablo Aleixandre @pabloaleixandre
User image: Samuel Vilz
Samuel Vilz @0c7avia
User image: Jonathan Persson
Jonathan Persson @jonathanpersson1992_
User image: Andrew Hart
Andrew Hart @Andrew1
jarkkom @jminkowi
User image: Nevzat Ersoy
Nevzat Ersoy @nevzatersoy
User image: Barış Horasan
Barış Horasan @westley2004
User image: Jens Mikli
Jens Mikli @jensmikli
User image: Steve B
Steve B @siegebum
yoru @seimersirens
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