As of 2019, TasteDive has joined forces with Qloo to bring the best privacy-centric taste-based personalization to developers and enterprises.

For information on the most up to date API, please visit Qloo.com.

Please see below for the legacy TasteDive API, which will continue to be supported until full migration occurs.


Feel free to make a few requests to experiment with the API. If you decide to use it, you have to request an access key. Using this key, you can perform 300 requests per hour.


This retrieves recommendations for Red Hot Chili Peppers and Pulp Fiction:



  • q: the search query; consists of a series (at least one) of music, movie, show, podcast, book, game, person, place, brand separated by commas. Sometimes it is useful to specify the type of a certain resource in the query (e.g. if a movie and a book share the same title). You can do this by using the "music:", "movie:", "show:", "podcast:", "book:", "game:" "person:", "place:", "brand:" operators, for example: "music:underworld, movie:harry potter, book:trainspotting". Don't forget to encode this parameter.
  • type: query type, specifies the desired type of results. It can be one of the following: music, movie, show, podcast, book, game, person, place, brand. This param is required.
  • info: when set to 1, additional information is provided for the recommended items, like a description and a related Youtube clip (when available). Default is 0.
  • limit: maximum number of recommendations to retrieve. Default is 20.
  • slimit: maximum number of search results to retrieve for each query item. Should be between 1 and 3.
  • k: Your API access key.


The output of the API uses the JSON format.

The returned object contains, under the Similar key, the item(s) that were searched for (a list in the Info key) and the recommended items (a list in the Results key). Each item in a list has the Name and Type keys. The type can be music, movie, show, book, game, person, place, brand.

When verbose=1 in the request, each item can also contains the following additional keys:

  • wTeaser: item description
  • wUrl: item Wikipedia URL
  • yUrl: item Youtube clip URL
  • yID: item Youtube clip ID


If you have questions, please contact us.