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  • Picture of a movie: Eyes Of Laura Mars
    Eyes Of Laura Mars 1978 Movie 3.3/5
    A fashion photographer (Faye Dunaway) begins seeing horrific murders when she looks through the lensfinder of her camera, her shoot setups beginning eerily to look a lot like the slayings she's been hallucinating. An American take on the giallo, Kershner's chilling look at sex, violence, and photography is saturated in 1970s style and consumerist obsession.
    From the list Glitchcraft: Self-Reflexive Horror, Genre, and Technology
  • Picture of a movie: Stranger By The Lake
    Stranger By The Lake 2013 Movie 2.8/5
    Sometimes someone is so hot it doesn’t matter that they’re a murderer, right? Drawn to a nude beach with the promise of a good tan, cool water, and a bustling cruising spot, Franc (Pierre Deladonchamps) soon develops an obsession with a mustachioed daddy (Christophe Paou) whose beauty shimmers in the water. But bodies soon start appearing on the beach, alarming the local (straight) authorities and leading them to said handsome devil. Wrought with intense taut atmosphere and nerve-shredding suspense, sex and death were never so deliriously intoxicating.
    From the list Bury Your Gays: Queer Horror
  • Picture of a movie: Yellow Submarine
    Yellow Submarine 1968 Movie 4/5
    An animation inspired by the songs of one of the greatest bands of all time, what's not to love? Like Fantasia, which also features on this list, Yellow Submarine is regarded as a landmark in animation, cementing it as an art form rather than just children's entertainment. The film follows the Beatles' journey to the bottom of the ocean in a yellow submarine, on a quest to save Pepperland by freeing Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band who have been entrapped by the evil Blue Meanies. The dialogue is filled with puns and jokes about the Beatles as the viewer travels through the brightly coloured undersea world to the iconic sounds of the band that changed the world.
    From the list 10 Trippy movies to help you get through lockdown.
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