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Everything from punk rock to hip hop to pop. I'd like to think that the list is full of bands/people that do it better than most of their contemporaries. Most of the music has resonated with me at some level or in some time of my life. What would the soundtrack of your life sound like?
Kings Of Leon, U2 and 16 more... A month ago View 20 items

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Ana Martínez @anamd1288
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Dave Cotton @davecotton
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Bob Mullikin @bobmullikin
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Gaë @birdynumnum
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Pietro Frinconi @pietrofrinconi

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Loris Speretta @sperettaloris
Einherje @Einherje
Matteo Hapta @ab127d
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Oliver Tucker @tuckwoor
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Gonzupa @zmejpobrej
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