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Thank You Camellia is the third studio album and second major-label album by American singer-songwriter Kris Allen. It was released on May 22, 2012.

Allen confirmed on April 4, 2012, via a WhoSay Twitter-based fan interview (and reiterated in following interviews) that the album's title is a reference to the home that he shared with friends from his home state of Arkansas while living in Los Angeles, where he recorded the majority of the songs featured on his sophomore release.

Entertainment Weekly's Grady Smith gave the album a positive (B+) review. Ceding that the songs may come off "downright Amish" compared to contemporaries on the pop charts, Smith noted that "Allen delivers his lyrics with an earnest confidence (and occasional swagger) that keeps his songs from becoming treacly," concluding that the album was "a cohesive, warmhearted charmer." USA Today's Brian Mansfield also described it as "warmhearted" with "charming flourishes." People gave the album 3 out of 4 stars, calling it a "smoothly and surely executed . . . winner." Yahoo Music's Lyndsey Parker observed that "[Allen's] songwriting skills have clearly grown more sophisticated," praising the range of the material from "jaunty, summer-convertible-cruising anthems" to darker tracks such as "the propulsive and sinister alt-rocker 'Monster'" and noting that "the lyrics are plain-spoken, refreshingly unflowery, and . . . cut right to the heart of the matter."

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