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Picture of a band or musician: Stewie
Stewie Music 0/5
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Picture of a band or musician: Emerson Drive
Emerson Drive Music 3.5/5
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Picture of a band or musician: Animaniacs
Animaniacs Music 3.8/5
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People who like Adam Sandler (Music)

User image: Dom Henstridge
Dom Henstridge @domhenstridge
User image: Tina Marie White
Tina Marie White @tinamariewhite
User image: Garrett Ristine
Garrett Ristine @garrettristine
User image: Catie Clobes
Catie Clobes @catieclobes
User image: Sarah Mae
Sarah Mae @sarahmae
User image: Felicia De Klein
Felicia De Klein @feliciadeklein
User image: Aryel Del Cueto
Aryel Del Cueto @aryeldelcueto
User image: Lior Bloch
Lior Bloch @lior-bloch
User image: Andrea Pass
Andrea Pass @andreapass
User image: Samantha Mao
Samantha Mao @samanthamao
User image: James 'Cookie' Cooke
James 'Cookie' Cooke @jamescookiecooke

People who dislike Adam Sandler (Music)

Jossie @possedelajossie
User image: Jeremy Mortimer
Jeremy Mortimer @jeremy.m.mortimer
User image: Sasha-Mae Eccleston
Sasha-Mae Eccleston @sashamaeeccleston
avicohen123 @aviblaustein16
User image: Nancy Blake
Nancy Blake @nancww
User image: Michael J
Michael J @kullfarr
User image: Cara Wooldridge
Cara Wooldridge @carawooldridge
User image: Joey Rossi
Joey Rossi @joeyrossi
G @publiconlinecontacttastedive
User image: Ganesh Red-d
Ganesh Red-d @ganeshred-d
Andrew Hill @andrewhill515
User image: brett threat
brett threat @mrbrettconners
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