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Whiplash 2013 Movie 4.4/5
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Pretty Woman 2003 Movie 4.1/5
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Picture of a movie: Parasite
Parasite 2019 Movie 4.5/5
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The Laundromat 2019 Movie 3.1/5
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Picture of a movie: Still Human
Still Human 2019 Movie 5/5
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Homestay 2018 Movie
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Leon 2018 Movie 4.7/5
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Toy Soldiers 2010 Movie 3.2/5
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Picture of a movie: New Moon
New Moon 1955 Movie 2.9/5
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Picture of a movie: Beats
Beats 2019 Movie 3.6/5
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Picture of a movie: The Guest
The Guest 2019 Movie 0/5
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This list is made up of movies (and their sequels/prequels/reboots) that I have already seen but that I like to "watch" while doing something else, like working, studying, playing games, etc...
Eurotrip, Elysium and 80 more... March 2022 View 84 items

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