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User image: Christopher Marcatili
Christopher Marcatili @chris.marcatili
User image: Jorge Sawyer
Jorge Sawyer @jfsawyer88
User image: Renni
Renni @rrsnshn
User image: Carl Dehez
Carl Dehez @terzijden
User image: Raffaele Squillace
Raffaele Squillace @rafael7up
User image: Leslie Somerville
Leslie Somerville @northernsky61
A. Sims @adsims2001tastedive
User image: Ayrat Adynaid
Ayrat Adynaid @ayrat778
User image: NotZDog
NotZDog @stzucho
User image: Kristina Wulf
Kristina Wulf @kristinaewulf
User image: Morgan Starnes
Morgan Starnes @morstar11
AJ @aj54

People who dislike Annihilation (2018 Movie)

Grainne Ekin @slooolz
User image: Guilherme de Agostini
Guilherme de Agostini @guiagtdasilva
User image: Jory from the Universe
Jory from the Universe @goryy70007
Jordyn @JordynTaylor
User image: Frederik Batuna
Frederik Batuna @gobi301
Jesus Christ @gaelencarter
User image: John Street
John Street @docjohnstreet
User image: Gizem Aktürk
Gizem Aktürk @gizemakturk97
Nick Smith @ns8510fgp
Rick LaMont @lamont83
User image: Heather
Heather @herichey13
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