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With a lot of our favorite streaming platforms making content available for everyone right now, here is a list of some of our favorite Movies, TV Shows and more we've been enjoying lately
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People who like Dota 2 (Game)

Ahmet Acemoğlu @acemogluahmet
User image: Babris Ali
Babris Ali @babrisali
User image: Zeki Un
Zeki Un @zekivolkan24
User image: Nguyen Xuan Minh
Nguyen Xuan Minh @nguyenxuanminh
User image: Srđan Šmit
Srđan Šmit @sranmit
User image: Christopher Montoya
Christopher Montoya @chrisxmichael
User image: Philipp Korn
Philipp Korn @philippkorn
User image: Berkan
Berkan @mberkanceylan
User image: Muamer Ušto
Muamer Ušto @muameruto
User image: Bilal Arshad
Bilal Arshad @bilalarshad
User image: David Michálek
David Michálek @davidmichlek

People who dislike Dota 2 (Game)

. @yaoi8
User image: Christopher Field
Christopher Field @drummerof13
Billy T. Lawson @tastedivee04a4d81
User image: Ueslen A Navarro
Ueslen A Navarro @unavarro840
User image: Michael Reynolds
Michael Reynolds @michaelreynolds111a4
User image: Misako Sangi
Misako Sangi @misakosangi
User image: Pablo Aleixandre
Pablo Aleixandre @pabloaleixandre
User image: Shaul Delgado
Shaul Delgado @vburnin8tor
Dick @dcampbell170
ogazi @ogazi258
User image: Bruno Portella
Bruno Portella @brunoportella
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