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The Spook's Sacrifice

2009, Joseph Delaney


The Spook's Sacrifice is the sixth instalment in the Wardstone Chronicles arc of the Spook's series by Joseph Delaney. Its release date is 25 August 2009. In the US it is titled The Last Apprentice: Clash of the Demons.

After being attacked in the middle of the night by a maenad (follower of the Old Goddess known as the Ordeen), Tom visits his family's farm and is asked by his mother to accompany her back to Greece to fight the Ordeen. The Ordeen is unique among the Old Gods in that she can come into the human world without the need of human intervention. Previously, her power was held in check by priests who built monasteries on the cliffs surrounding the plains of Meteora, where she manifests. But with the Fiend loose in the world, the Dark is now better organised; many vaengir (flying lamia witches) have been sent to the Ordeen to counter the power of the few remaining priests. When the Ordeen appears this time, the priests will be overwhelmed and the Ordeen free to go anywhere. The Ordeen will then go to the county to kill the children of her greatest enemy: Tom's own mother, Mam.

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