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While so many of us are being forced to work from home, satires and dramas about office dynamics can almost feel like a quaint relic. Here’s a list of some of the most interesting depictions of office life through the years and throughout the world - both movies and TV series.
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Jerry Seinfeld's NBC sitcom "Seinfeld" was a wildly successful series in the 90's, rated by many as one of the greatest and most influential ever. After it was brought to an end, after 9 seasons, some of the following endeavors of the cast were not successful at all, giving rise to the myth of the Seinfeld Curse. Watching Ellie, Bob Patterson, Listen Up! and The Michael Richards Show were all failures. Here are 10 of the better productions which involved some of the members of the Seinfeld cast.
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With a lot of our favorite streaming platforms making content available for everyone right now, here is a list of some of our favorite Movies, TV Shows and more we've been enjoying lately
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