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People who like True Blood (2008 TV Show)

JayBoo @jimaboo
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LaCreata Scott @lacreatascott
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Alissa Wilbanks-Moore @alissawilbanks-moore
User image: Andrew Bathgate
Andrew Bathgate @andrewbathgate
User image: Cherie Miller
Cherie Miller @lilyofire84
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Laryssa Stoller @contatotendenciacosmica
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Rachel Unclebach @runclebach
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Clare Thompson @ecthompson8
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natalie drought @natdrought
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nick leic @booboo01061986
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Holly Ayers @hollyayers4
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Civ Spread @civspread

People who dislike True Blood (2008 TV Show)

User image: Brian Marshall
Brian Marshall @leaderofhell
User image: Linda Brown
Linda Brown @iceewoman2
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Joanna Prager @joannaprager
User image: Emory Foerster
Emory Foerster @emoryfoerster
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Ryan Wilbanks @rwwilbanks
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Jake Steffen @jakesteffen
Charlotte Wolff @charlottedwj
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R_C @R_C
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Akshat Thakur @thakurnotwriting
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Sophia Ef @sophiaef
Marie @akjardel
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