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People who like The Nightly Show (TV Show)

Daniel Knoll @danielknoll
George Stavro @GeorgeStavro
Lloyd Brown @lloydbrown
Justin Farquhar @justinfarquhar
Deidre Bethel @DeidreBethel
Tony O'Neill @tony-o-neill
Elsa Fonseca @ElsaFonseca
Byron Despres-Berry @byrondespres-berry
Melissa Phelps @melissaphelps
Lori Adams @loriadams
Sam Koosk @samkoosk

People who dislike The Nightly Show (TV Show)

William @williambanthony
Cruz Cruz @CruzCruz
William Swaim @William Swaim
Rachael Rupp @RachaelRupp
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