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Lists containing Silicon Valley (2014 TV Show)

With a lot of our favorite streaming platforms making content available for everyone right now, here is a list of some of our favorite Movies, TV Shows and more we've been enjoying lately
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People who like Silicon Valley (2014 TV Show)

User image: Anmoldeep Singh Kakkar
Anmoldeep Singh Kakkar @kingsteranmol
CDN-DK @kevin-cook
User image: Lance Evans
Lance Evans @lance713
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missy schmeder @mschmeder
User image: Shala Marie
Shala Marie @shalamarie
Fuzboxz @fuzboxz
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Yannick Chaudhary @yannickchaudhary
Mitchell Welch @mitchellwelch86
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Kristen Keaton @kvkeaton
Japrice Tibbetts @japricemt
User image: Heather Gibbons
Heather Gibbons @acehole
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Johan Kruger @johankruger

People who dislike Silicon Valley (2014 TV Show)

User image: Morten Barklund
Morten Barklund @mortenbarklund
User image: Sam McCaffrey
Sam McCaffrey @safmccaffrey
User image: Pablo Aleixandre
Pablo Aleixandre @pabloaleixandre
User image: Linda Brown
Linda Brown @iceewoman2
C S @hfxbrn
User image: Saska Becca N
Saska Becca N @saskabeccan
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Utku Gögcay @utku353
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Akshat Thakur @thakurnotwriting
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Elizabeth Migdal @elizabethmccollom430
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Jess Tzin @jesstzin
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Duru Aydemir @aydemirduru1
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Marie Nold @ambermnold
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