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People who like She Was Pretty (TV Show)

Phuong Dinh Thi Thu @phuongdttx9
Alyson @alysonlee70
Karen Hernández @karnvd
Mima Hatimi @oumaimahatimi
Dalia Waleed @DaliaWaleed
Bonnie Bennet @bonniebenett94
Deize @day
Phineas Wilson @phineaswilson
rebekah @rebekahreddy9
Labrigni Rodgers @labrignirodgers
Cedrica Lindsay @cerrialindsay04
Khushi Kanodia @khushikanodia2019

People who dislike She Was Pretty (TV Show)

Heather Davis @hdavis625
desy triani @desytrn
Malef @uav.ext
Abi Clare @abiclaredesigns
fanny canat @kaary16
Chantry Land @ChantryLand
michael @crichton_380
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