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Seven Worlds, One Planet is a documentary series from the BBC Natural History Unit. The seven-part series, in which each episode focuses on one continent, debuted on 27 October 2019 and is narrated and presented by naturalist Sir David Attenborough. Over 1,500 people worked on the series, which was filmed over 1,794 days, with 92 shoots across 41 countries.

Sia, Chris Braide and Hans Zimmer collaborated on the song "Out There" for the series. The original television soundtrack titled "Seven Worlds One Planet Suite" was made by Zimmer and Jacob Shea, while Shea wrote the series' score.

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"200 million years ago, our planet looked very different from what it does today. It was entirely covered by sea, which surrounded one single supercontinent we call Pangaea. And then, Pangaea began to break up. Life was cast adrift on fragments of land, and these fragments eventually became our seven continents. We will see how life developed on each continent, giving rise to the extraordinary and wonderful diversity that we see today."

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