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Lists containing Serial Experiments Lain (1998 TV Show)

this list contains an array of different anime. from horror, to surreal, psychological, disturbing, sci-fi, and obscure themes. also includes some underrated gems.
Memories, Redline and 77 more... A few days ago View 81 items
Time travel, warped memories, hallucinations, and/or dreams (or the possibility of one of those). Basically anything twilight zoney (plus some fun time travel stuff).
Darq, Dark City and 45 more... A few weeks ago View 49 items
Mostly Sci-Fi, but included some things that may not technically fit. There's also some Sci-Fi stuff not on this list, but I tried to include my favorite stuff.
Ghost Of A Tale and 101 more... A few weeks ago View 104 items

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