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Evolving list of top 20, or so, favorites. Measured by this metric: Must watch till the end. If I can see myself pausing to walk the dog, then it doesn't make the list.
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People who like Narcos: Mexico (2018 TV Show)

User image: Justin Belk
Justin Belk @justinbelk
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Madeline @madi3366
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Michael Brockett @michaelbrockett
User image: pad bad
pad bad @padisbad
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Matt Bunn @mattbunn
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Emily Neal Van Dyke @emilynealvandyke
seamofreality @brokenstars

People who dislike Narcos: Mexico (2018 TV Show)

Martin @martin_spam
User image: luci janecki
luci janecki @lucijanecki
User image: Stere Cozma Câmpean
Stere Cozma Câmpean @StereCozmaCâmpean
User image: Abigail White
Abigail White @hispath5811
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Jon Deles @jondeles
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Pablo Aleixandre @pabloaleixandre
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Bory @Bory
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Roderick Hall @chachi2eazy79
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Abdulaziz Alobaid @3azooztuv
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TBak @sturkubkr
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Malef @uav.ext
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Julian Elias Frete @jefrete
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