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Lexie @lexiekinkaid

Paranormal, Horror, the Occult, the Unexplained

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Ghosts, Angels, Demons, & Aliens, Oh My! Psychics, Mediums, Rituals, and Seriously WTF? Some may be based in truth, and some not.
Picture of a TV show: Sense8
Sense8 2015 TV Show
Picture of a TV show: The Oa
The Oa 2016 TV Show
The Path, Cult and 38 more... A few months ago
J.I.M. @shijai

No Thanks.

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Either not interested, not my style, too much drama, too silly... Don't dislike, just not interested.
Picture of a TV show: New Amsterdam
New Amsterdam 2018 TV Show
Picture of a TV show: Tabletop
Tabletop 2012 TV Show
Condor, Aftermath and 51 more... December 2019

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