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People who like Bridgerton (2020 TV Show)

User image: Uliana Poltavets
Uliana Poltavets @ulianapoltavets
User image: Alice O'Malley
Alice O'Malley @aliceomalley
User image: Gorhin Stroebel
Gorhin Stroebel @gorhinstroebel
Ecem @Yesilsapkali
Amy @amylou7825
User image: Zoe Bean
Zoe Bean @zoebeansa
User image: Madeline Muskrat
Madeline Muskrat @madelinemuskrat
User image: Casey Corpening
Casey Corpening @caseycorpening
User image: JuanFran Féliz
JuanFran Féliz @juanfranfeliz
User image: Ruth Catton
Ruth Catton @catton.ruth
User image: Judith Kranitz
Judith Kranitz @judithkranitz

People who dislike Bridgerton (2020 TV Show)

Krysta Ayers @krystaayers
User image: Mira Thoumy
Mira Thoumy @mirathoumy
B @bfinney66
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