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Mainly things I haven't seen. Or like, haven't for a long, long time. Ranging from movies I've heard/know are good to the terrible ones with the terrible tropes.
The Musketeers and 47 more... July 2020 View 50 items
Honestly I'll take what I can get at this point. Maybe I'll find a film where they end up happy for once? Press x to doubt.
Those People and 1 more... April 2020 View 4 movies
Basically the exact same as my other list but it's anime movies instead. Maybe I'll sprinkle a few shows in as well.
April 2020 View 2 movies
Y'know those movies that are so bad and cheesy that they become a guilty pleasure? The cast is pretty white and is definitely something you'd/ did watch as a kid? Well I made a list of em.
Let It Snow and 13 more... April 2020 View 16 movies

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