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Kitty Flanagan (born 1968) is an Australian comedian, writer and actress who works in Australia and the United Kingdom. She has also performed in France, Germany, the Netherlands, South Africa, and Japan and at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and Montreal Just For Laughs festival.

Flanagan won the AACTA Award for Best Comedy Performer in 2021 and the TV Week Silver Logie Award for Most Popular Actress in 2022 for her performance in Fisk.

Flanagan attended high school at Monte Sant'Angelo Mercy College in North Sydney. She became drawn to comedy in Year 5 when she appeared in a school musical production of Alice In Wonderland in which she dressed as a bunny which pretended to fall asleep during the performance. Flanagan said that "Secretly I always wanted to be an actor, but I knew that I didn’t have the mindset for it." She recalls that as a teenager, she would put on avant-garde performance shows with her younger sister Penny and they would involve their younger brother Michael by dressing him in tutus and giving him dance moves to do.

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