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Radiotopia is a podcast network founded by 99% Invisible host Roman Mars and run by the Public Radio Exchange. The network is organized as a collective of some two dozen shows whose producers have complete artistic control over their work. Podcasts in the network are downloaded more than 19 million times per month.

Radiotopia, founded by Roman Mars, was launched in February 2014 with an initial group of seven shows: Jonathan Mitchell's The Truth, Lea Thau's Strangers, Benjamin Walker's Theory of Everything, Nick van der Kolk's Love and Radio, the Kitchen Sisters' Fugitive Waves (later renamed The Kitchen Sisters Present...), Radio Diaries and Roman Mars' own flagship show 99% Invisible. The makers of these shows had decided to band together as independent producers who didn't all have the support of traditional radio broadcasting, targeting instead a growing audience of podcast listeners seeking recommendations for new things to listen to.

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