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12 Podcasts Hosted By Women

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There are a plethora of podcasts to go around for everyone, no matter your taste or how you listen, but there’s really been no better time to hear powerful podcasts hosted by brilliant women.
Picture of a podcast: Night Call
Night Call Podcast
Picture of a podcast: In The Dark
In The Dark Podcast
Thirst Aid Kit and 9 more... March 2019
Ty @tyhalley

Haven't Seen, But I Want To

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This is stuff I would like to check out, but haven't gotten around to it yet. Might be great, might suck. I don't know yet.
Picture of a TV show: Hilda
Hilda 2018 TV Show
Picture of a TV show: Russian Doll
Russian Doll 2019 TV Show
Shameless and 130 more... A few months ago

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