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Travis Patrick McElroy ( MACK-əl-roy, born November 8, 1983) is an American podcaster, writer, and comedian. He is known for his work on podcasts such as My Brother, My Brother and Me, Shmanners, The Adventure Zone, and Can I Pet Your Dog?.

Travis McElroy was born in 1983 to Clint McElroy, former co-host of WTCR-FM's morning radio show in Huntington, West Virginia, and his wife Leslie. Travis McElroy is an alumnus of the University of Oklahoma. He married Teresa McElroy in 2013. They have two children: Barbara "Bebe" Lee McElroy (b. October 2016) and Dorothy "Dot" McElroy (b. Jan 2020).

Travis McElroy worked as technical director at the Cincinnati Shakespeare Company from 2009 to 2014.