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"Shady Grove" is a traditional Appalachian folk song (Roud 4456), believed to have originated in eastern Kentucky around the beginning the 20th century. The song was popular among old-time musicians of the Cumberlands before being widely adopted in the bluegrass repertoire. Many variants of "Shady Grove" exist (up to 300 stanzas by the early 21st century).

The lyrics describes "the true love of a young man's life and his hope they will wed," and it is sometimes identified as a courting song.

The Dorian mode melody was first published as "Shady Grove" in the Journal of American Folklore in 1915, but it was traditionally used in Appalachia for the ballad Matty Groves, as sung by traditional singers including Sheila Kay Adams ("Lady Margaret") and Dillard Chandler ("Mathie Groves"). This suggests that the melody may originate in England or Scotland. The fact that "Shady Grove" and "Matty Groves" share a tune suggests that "Shady Grove" is a variant of "Matty Groves". There is also speculation that the name Shady Grove may be a place-name, a woman's name or nickname, or possibly a mondegreen.

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