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Keitaro Ujiie (Japanese: 氏家 慶太郎, Hepburn: Ujiie Keitarō, born February 23, 1997), also known as Snail's House or Ujico*, is a Japanese electronic musician. He currently resides in Saitama, Japan.

He started publishing music on SoundCloud in 2012 under the name Ujico* (which he stated was a childhood nickname given to him by a friend). In 2013, Ujiie created his own record label, Youth Composer Association, a Tokyo-based label specifically geared towards young musicians. In 2014, after listening to performances by Hiromi Uehara and various jazz fusion music, Ujiie was inspired to start playing the piano.

From that point, his music career began to grow and he created a separate Snail's House outfit for his "kawaii" music, which officially began on August 30, 2014, with the release of "Nyan Nyan Angel!". His first two EPs as Snail's House, Kirara and Kawaii Collective, were released in mid-2015, containing high-pitched vocal chops, vibrant synthesizer sounds, and happy-sounding melodies.

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