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Bob Dylan is about to release a new album, here are 10 more prolific songwriters.

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Bob Dylan's gift for writing songs procured him the Nobel Prize in Literature in 2016, now in 2020 he's about to release his 39th studio album, an amazing feat of work. Here are ten other artists who share a talent for songwriting.
Picture of a band or musician: Nirvana
Nirvana Music
Picture of a band or musician: David Bowie
David Bowie Music
Will Varley, The Cure and 6 more... A few months ago
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Top Music Artists to Listen To Stoned

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The definitive list for when you just need to kick back, take a hit, drop the needle on the wax, and listen to some great music stoned
Picture of a band or musician: Grateful Dead
Grateful Dead Music
Picture of a band or musician: Bob Marley
Bob Marley Music
Nas, Led Zeppelin and 46 more... April 2019

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