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The A-Sides were an American indie rock band from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They formed in 2002 and consisted of Jon Barthmus (guitars/vocals), Charlie Cottone (guitars/vocals), Christopher Doyle (keyboards/guitar/percussion), Mike "Flem" Fleming (bass guitar/vocals), and Patrick "Party Todd" Marsceill (drums/vocals). Jonathon Fitzgerald was once considered as a replacement for "Flem".

Barthmus, Fleming, and Cosentino lived together while students at Drexel University in Philadelphia circa 2000. At the time, Barthmus and Fleming were also members of a hardcore punk rock band called Go Time. By 2001, Barthmus' interest in hardcore had waned. His burgeoning interest lay in composing decidedly more melodic, Beatlesque pop rock. In late 2001, Barthmus enlisted Fleming and Cosentino for a new project intended to make music in this mold. The informal trio spent the better part of a year jamming with various drummers until settling on then-incoming Drexel sophomore Marsceill in August 2002. Marsceill's induction into the fold marked the official founding of The A-Sides.

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