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Stravaganzza is a Dark metal band from Madrid, Spain formed in 2004. The band has since released 4 studio albums and one EP. They combine elements of extreme metal such as gothic metal, death metal, doom metal and black metal with heavily orchestrated symphonic metal and progressive/power metal.

Stravaganzza became a consolidated band in 2003. The first precursor to Stravaganzza is without a doubt the band that Pepe Herrero (guitar) and Leo Jiménez (vocals) founded in 1993 and which later would be joined by Patricio Babasasa as a drummer: Krysálida, with an instrumental group just the same as in Stravaganzza (including violin and keyboards), but adding a second vocalist who sang the guttural parts. With that lineup they had already made a similar style to Stravaganzza, with obscure parts, orchestral passages but perhaps a bit more complex and anti-commercial; maybe this was the cause of it not being very understood and accepted, which would lead to it breaking up about four years later.

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