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Ska-P (Spanish pronunciation: [esˈkape]) is a Spanish ska punk band formed in 1994 in Vallecas, a district of Madrid, by a group of friends from Madrid, Navarre and Euskadi.

The band can be categorized, politically, as an anti-establishment musical group, sometimes even considered anarcho-communist. Musically, despite their fun image, Ska-P has well-rehearsed and tight arrangements, and as of 2002, includes among its members a brass section.

At the end of 2004, they announced work on a new album. After voting four against two, in February 2005, the sudden and unexpected announcement was made that the band would take a break to allow the members to work on side projects, though some considered the band to have dissolved. Their farewell concert in September 2005 filled the 10,000-seat La Cubierta in Spain. The band's worldwide farewell tour of 2005 ended in Buenos Aires, Argentina in October of that year.

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