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Picture of a band or musician: Farhan Akhtar
Farhan Akhtar Music 3.9/5
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Amit Trivedi Music 4.6/5
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Picture of a band or musician: Nikhil Dsouza
Nikhil Dsouza Music
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People who like Parikrama (Music)

User image: Shan Mk
Shan Mk @shanmk
User image: Rahul Kherwar
Rahul Kherwar @RahulKherwar
User image: Sagar Wadhwa
Sagar Wadhwa @SagarWadhwa
User image: Atmadeep Banerjee
Atmadeep Banerjee @AtmadeepBanerjee
User image: Sanyam Gupta
Sanyam Gupta @SanyamGupta
User image: Vibhor Kwatra
Vibhor Kwatra @VibhorKwatra
User image: Sachin Suman
Sachin Suman @SachinSuman
User image: Shruti Singh
Shruti Singh @ShrutiSingh
User image: Deeksha Chopra
Deeksha Chopra @DeekshaChopra
User image: Akhil Nair
Akhil Nair @AkhilNair
User image: Vedanth Kartheek
Vedanth Kartheek @VedanthKartheek
User image: Apurv Kaushal
Apurv Kaushal @ApurvKaushal

People who dislike Parikrama (Music)

Rene @rene21
User image: Amy
Amy @Amy642
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