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The Courage (formerly known as "Noah Gundersen & the Courage") was an indie band from Centralia, Washington.

Seattle-based singer-songwriter Noah Gundersen formed the band The Courage in 2008 in Centralia, Washington. As the group's frontman, Noah Gundersen wrote songs, played guitar, and performed lead vocals for the band. Other founding members of the group included Gundersen's younger sister Abby on violin and backing vocals and two friends, Ivan Gunderson (of no relation to Noah and Abby) on drums and Travis Ehrenstrom on the bass guitar.

Founded as a backing band for the purpose of performing Noah Gundersen's solo albums, The Courage began performing together in the Seattle area in 2008. Their initial live performance career was marked by a sold-out live performance at The Triple Door. The live recording of the performance, Live at the Triple Door, was later released as an album under the artist name "Noah Gundersen & The Courage". This gave insight to the group's work as a pairing of Gundersen's existing solo effort with The Courage acting as a backing band of sorts. Songs on the album are mostly live renditions of songs from Noah Gundersen's solo albums, Brand New World (album) and the unreleased Saints & Liars EP.

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