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Velvet Cacoon Music 5/5
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People who like Lifelover (Music)

User image: boss worm
boss worm @bossworm9
Noah @Blizzard_106
User image: Demonikuski
Demonikuski @demonikuski
User image: Black Sun Youth
Black Sun Youth @blacksunyouth
Ethan Leach @ethancleach47
User image: Cameron
Cameron @cameron.lukan
User image: Zahraa Hisham
Zahraa Hisham @zahraa97hisham
User image: Jamie Scott
Jamie Scott @JamieScott
User image: Rook
Rook @Rook
User image: Juan Manuel Hernandez
Juan Manuel Hernandez @sidlorsb
User image: Mayra Conde
Mayra Conde @mayramconde

People who dislike Lifelover (Music)

User image: Plastic Ramen
Plastic Ramen @perdelking
User image: Alexander
Alexander @coderlex
User image: Giuliana
Giuliana @archgoat
Alex @apisgan
User image: Uncanny
Uncanny @uncanny
S3NT13NT_GL1TCH @s3nt13nt-gl1tch
User image: Alexander Shavrov
Alexander Shavrov @alexander-shavrov
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