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Laura Shigihara is an American-born Japanese singer-songwriter, video game developer, composer for video games, and Twitch streamer. She is best known as the lead composer and sound designer for the tower defense game Plants vs. Zombies and as the creator of the acclaimed indie RPG Rakuen.

Shigihara has worked on over 30 other published video game titles including Deltarune, World of Warcraft, To the Moon, High School Story and the 5th Anniversary Edition of Super Meat Boy. She co-created the ending theme song for Minecraft: The Story of Mojang with C418 and worked together with Yasunori Mitsuda on the official Square Enix Chrono Trigger/Chrono Cross 20th Anniversary Album.

Shigihara, whose mother is French and father is Japanese, grew up in both the United States and Japan. She was classically trained on the piano for 11 years and taught herself guitar and drums. During college at UC Berkeley studying International Relations, Business and Computer Science, she was given an old version of Cakewalk which she used to start learning about mixing, arranging and production by recreating old video game soundtracks and composing her own songs. After a friend leaked her original material to record companies in Japan, Shigihara was offered record contracts as a singer there, but ended up turning them down for personal reasons.

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