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Las Manos de Filippi (in English: The Hands of Filippi) and also LMF, is a group of Argentine rock fusion and alternative style, which blends Caribbean Rhythms like cumbia, ska, hip hop, reggae and punk rock. His songs contain messages against capitalism, the International Monetary Fund and the political power shift, as well as a critical look at society, using as a basis the complaint, irony and humor. Its name comes sarcastically, by stealing the hands of Juan Domingo Perón and his fanaticism for the French band Mano Negra.

They are also known his membership with the Labor Party and the defense to the working class.

Some of their songs are most widespread: «Sr. Cobranza» (popularized by Bersuit Vergarabat), «Los métodos piqueteros», «El himno del Cucumelo», «La canaleta», «Organización» and «Mountain bike».