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José Gabriel González (born 31 July 1978) is a Swedish indie folk singer-songwriter and guitarist from Gothenburg. González is also a member of the band Junip, along with Tobias Winterkorn.

The González family – made up of González's father, a National University of San Luis psychology student, González's mother, a fellow student studying biochemistry, both of whom were politically active, and González's older sister, then an infant – fled Argentina after the military coup d'état in March 1976, at the start of the "Dirty War". Escaping to Brazil, they were granted asylum by the Swedish consulate in Rio de Janeiro, and relocated to Gothenburg in 1977. José was born a year later, in the Haga district of Gothenburg. He has a younger sibling. He commented, "It's a very small town. It has about a half-million people living there. It's a pretty good music city by the ocean. It rains a lot there, but it's beautiful in the summertime."

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