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Picture of a band or musician: Martha Argerich
Martha Argerich Music 4.8/5
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Picture of a band or musician: Maurizio Pollini
Maurizio Pollini Music 4.7/5
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Picture of a band or musician: Vladimir Ashkenazy
Vladimir Ashkenazy Music 4.9/5
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Picture of a band or musician: Johann Sebastian Bach
Johann Sebastian Bach Music 4.8/5
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People who like Glenn Gould (Music)

User image: Raymond Stanford
Raymond Stanford @raymondrjstanford4
User image: Nick McKinney
Nick McKinney @nickmckinney
Logan Laflotte @MindSalad
User image: Siddiki Nihar
Siddiki Nihar @siddikinihar
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bob beilz @highballslider
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Sean O'Neill @seanone61845920
Thomas Jackson @thomasejackson94
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dieuetmaitre @dieuetmaitre
User image: Alex Brown
Alex Brown @abrowncownow
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Christian Babyak @shempman

People who dislike Glenn Gould (Music)

User image: Dave Colman
Dave Colman @DaveColman
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