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Gajendra Verma (born 20 April 1990) is an Indian singer, composer, lyricist and sound recordist. He came under the spotlight when he claimed that his song, titled "Emptiness", also known as "Tune Mere Jaana", which he had composed seven-and-a-half years before, leaked on the internet with a fake sympathetic story of a dying IIT student named Rohan Rathore. The song was viewed over 40 million times on YouTube. His 2018 song, Tera Ghata, has over 450+ million YouTube views.

Gajendra Verma was born on 20 April 1990 in Sirsa, Haryana. He was raised in Jaipur, Rajasthan. His father Surender Verma is a well-known poet and theatre personality.

His elder brother Vikram Singh is a music producer, music director and composer. His first song "Tune Mere Jaana" was released with support from SONOTEK (Haryana Famous Music Channel).

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