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The TasteDive team has combed through and highlighted music artists from the 2021 Grammy nominations across some of the main categories. The Grammys adjusted its structure this year, most notably by increasing the voting membership by 2,300 and adjusting the process to address concerns about diversity. They also published guidelines for the first time to ensure the process was more transparent and inclusive. Without further ado, here is the list -
Chico Pinheiro and 31 more... A few months ago View 34 music artists

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User image: Kush Jain
Kush Jain @kushjain
User image: druidkin
druidkin @myimaginaryband
User image: Daniel Magaling
Daniel Magaling @danielmagaling
User image: Wassan Fanatseh
Wassan Fanatseh @wassanfanatseh
User image: Ahmed Gemeai
Ahmed Gemeai @ahmedgemeai
User image: Amy Stream Walls
Amy Stream Walls @l0vingkind28
User image: Florentino Esparza
Florentino Esparza @florentinoesparza68
User image: sofia ava
sofia ava @sofiatoffolo06
User image: James Greer
James Greer @jamesjagreer
Parksoon @ximecop161
User image: Zinox Smart
Zinox Smart @zinoxsmart
User image: Michał Szczepański
Michał Szczepański @michaszczepaski

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User image: Ganesh Red-d
Ganesh Red-d @ganeshred-d
User image: Emin
Emin @eminkazdaloglu
User image: Janie Oakey
Janie Oakey @justdance474jo
User image: Trachea
Trachea @Trachea
User image: --
-- @matheraimee
User image: hypolite
hypolite @zehraedasert
Sallie Kate @salliek04
Ylva Hakanen @hakanen04
hannah @hannahwr157
User image: Joel Portlock
Joel Portlock @joelportlock
Kris @dechert
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