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The TasteDive team has combed through and highlighted music artists from the 2021 Grammy nominations across some of the main categories. The Grammys adjusted its structure this year, most notably by increasing the voting membership by 2,300 and adjusting the process to address concerns about diversity. They also published guidelines for the first time to ensure the process was more transparent and inclusive. Without further ado, here is the list -
Chico Pinheiro and 31 more... A few months ago View 34 music artists

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User image: Daniel Magaling
Daniel Magaling @danielmagaling
User image: SOPHIA ALEJO
SOPHIA ALEJO @sophiaalejo
User image: Kay Newman
Kay Newman @ceadhlan7
Logan Laflotte @MindSalad
User image: Lauren Brown 147
Lauren Brown 147 @laurenb147
Andrew Richard @andr3wrichard
User image: Hurricane Taleah
Hurricane Taleah @taleahscott11
Megan @fallenlighthouse8
User image: Michelle Pani
Michelle Pani @michellepanias
User image: harun sıcakyüz
harun sıcakyüz @harunscakyuz
Lorry @lorenamateo15
User image: druidkin
druidkin @myimaginaryband

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User image: That_Metis BOI
That_Metis BOI @tomalbiston
User image: Christina Morse
Christina Morse @christinamorse2000
User image: Trent Womeldorff
Trent Womeldorff @trentybear29
User image: Kobi Madziba
Kobi Madziba @kobimadziba
User image: Tristan Mathews
Tristan Mathews @hellhovndd
User image: känni
känni @eliiserembla
User image: Mikaela Warren
Mikaela Warren @mikaelawwarren
Hannah @hello81900
User image: Hip Hop Hercules
Hip Hop Hercules @hiphopbyklinen
User image: drunk cat
drunk cat @alcoholicmeower
User image: Brandon Lewis
Brandon Lewis @brickmaster.lewis
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