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Divlje Jagode (lit. 'Wild Strawberries') is a Bosnian and former Yugoslavian hard rock / heavy metal band, formed in 1977. The band is widely considered to be regional pioneers of the heavy metal genre and one of the most popular and enduring icons of rock music in Bosnia and Herzegovina and former Yugoslavia. They have endured many lineup changes over the years, remained active in the music industry and retained their popularity throughout the years. In 40 years since its founding, the band have released 13 studio albums, many singles, compilation albums, and sold around 4 million records.

Divlje Jagode were formed in 1977 in Zagreb, Croatia by guitarist Sead "Zele" Lipovača (a former "Biseri", "Selekcija" and "Zenit" member). A very talented guitar player from his early years, Lipovača was what was considered to be a local wonderkid. He was 22 years old when he formed the band. The first Divlje Jagode lineup consisted of vocalist Ante "Toni "Janković, bass guitarist Nihad Jusufhodžić (a former "Zenit" member), keyboardist Mustafa Ismailovski (a former "Grešnici" member) and drummer Adonis Dokuzović (a former "Novi Akordi" member). The band achieved high popularity with their first singles: rock ballads "Jedina moja" and "Patkica" and a cover of Bosnian folk song "Moj dilbere". In 1978 they released their debut self-titled album Divlje Jagode ("Wild Strawberries"), which featured, among others, a number of Deep Purple and Black Sabbath inspired songs, a new version of ballad "Jedina moja" and song "Krivo je more", the two of which became huge hits, and remained so, until today. The album was released by Jugoton, then the largest record label and chain record store in the country. After the album was released, the band made a break because of part of the band members' army obligations. Ismailovski joined the band "Srebrna Krila", and Lipovača, alongside Marina Tucaković, worked on music for popular regional disco band "Mirzino Jato".

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