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Deepfield (often stylized as deepfield) are an American rock band from Charleston, South Carolina, consisting of members Baxter Teal III, Jake Portenkirchner, Ken Becker and PJ Farley. They have released three albums and one EP.

The band is currently based in Chicago, Illinois.

Deepfield was formed in Charleston, SC in 2005 by Baxter Teal, Eric Bass (now the bassist for Shinedown), Russell Lee (drums) and J. King (original bass player, moved over to guitar when Bass left the band to pursue producing and recording). The band's name came from the image of space taken by the Hubble telescope in 1995. After shopping a three-song demo the band found themselves playing a showcase in New York, where they were promptly signed by industry legend Bill McGathy to his new label, In De Goot Recordings.

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