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Candy Ravepartyis a series of compilation albums released by LPU Records (Volumes 1, 2 and 3) and Rush Hour 2 Label (Volume 4). They are all live recorded at various clubs in Osaka, Japan.

Released in 2001,Candy Raveparty Vol. 1was recorded live in Club Rockets, Osaka, Japan on 23 September 2000.

A 2002 release,Candy Raveparty Vol. 2was recorded live in Lubnology in Club Rockets, Osaka, Japan, on 23 September 2000.

The third album in the series,Candy Raveparty Vol. 3was recorded live in Japan on 25 October 2003 and released on 21 January 2004.

Candy Raveparty Vol. 4was recorded live at Club Triangle, Osaka, Japan, on 12 October 2007, and released on 31 December 2007.