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Corn Mo is the stage name of Jon Cunningham, an America, Brooklyn-based musician. Corn Mo sings, plays the accordion, keyboards, and sometimes performs as a one man band. His music style is a mixture of circus music, glam rock, and humorous novelty songs. He is currently recording his third solo album, and albums with his band .357 Lover. Many of his songs and stylings are heavily influenced by Meat Loaf (to whom he bears a slight physical resemblance) and Queen.

He started his music career in Denton, Texas. Corn Mo released his first full-length album, I Hope You Win!, in 2000. His 2002 follow-up The Magic Is You!, features his most popular song, "Busey Boy", about being mistaken for actor Gary Busey. He is featured on the Ben Folds album Supersunnyspeedgraphic singing backing vocals on "Get Your Hands Off My Woman." He recently appeared in the Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players' DVD release of On and Off Broadway. He performed a duet with Jason Trachtenburg on his accordion to a new rendition of the Trachtenburgs' song "Beautiful Dandelion". Back in the Denton days Corn Mo teamed up with friend Mauve Oed for a cassette. It included a cover of Mötley Crüe's "Home Sweet Home" which garnered play on local indie radio show The Adventure Club.