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People who like Christy Moore (Music)

taste diver @mkpfts
Chuck Smith @jaketom
iChadwick @iChadwick
User image: Patterson, Jessica
Patterson, Jessica @jessicasandstorm
User image: Brendan Lynch
Brendan Lynch @brendanlynch
User image: Tiernan McGlynn
Tiernan McGlynn @TiernanMcGlynn
User image: Cilson Wolin
Cilson Wolin @CilsonWolin
User image: Rory Corcoran
Rory Corcoran @RoryCorcoran
User image: Richie Mullaney
Richie Mullaney @RichieMullaney
User image: Lindsey Kennedy
Lindsey Kennedy @LindseyKennedy
User image: Majella Kelly
Majella Kelly @MajellaKelly
Conor McCann @conormccnn

People who dislike Christy Moore (Music)

User image: Happy Fenton
Happy Fenton @hfenton1
User image: Jonathan Doering
Jonathan Doering @jonithano
User image: Patryk
Patryk @malekpatryk
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