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People who like Charlotte Cardin (Music)

User image: Michael Mane
Michael Mane @odirilemabovu
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Hiba H @hiba2haidar
User image: Cansel Korkmaz
Cansel Korkmaz @MaraWinehome
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Ross Parker @rptranslator
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Savu Florentina @savuflorentina
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bongo @junior.bongo
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Sena Batmaz @senbmz
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Martin Terziyski @martinterziyski
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Dan Banan @uvuvq.uvp
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Feyza Arslan @feyzaorl
User image: mehmet catalkaya
mehmet catalkaya @temhem.98
User image: Ezra
Ezra @azraceren177

People who dislike Charlotte Cardin (Music)

User image: Nick Burton
Nick Burton @NickBurton
User image: Isabell Dzurilla
Isabell Dzurilla @19dzuriis
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