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Celeste Carballo (born September 21, 1956, Buenos Aires, Argentina) is an Argentine singer-songwriter rock, blues, hard rock, punk and tango. She became known in the early 1980s for her distinctive voice range from B2 to F#6 in head voice. Her highest note in chest voice is B5. This way her voice covers 3.7 octaves.

In the late 1980s, she made public her homosexuality and publicly confessed her romance with fellow singer Sandra Mihanovich. Although her confession was unprecedented in the memory of a still fairly inexperienced in basic issues country, this did not affect her career.

Among her best known songs are "¿Seré judía?", "Me vuelvo cada día más loca", "Es la vida que me alcanza", "Mi último blues", "Mujer contra mujer" and "Una canción diferente".

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